Overall extent – 2 days
This training is delivered in English

Training scope
  • Installation of Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2
    • Install and configure Icinga 2 packages
    • Installation of Monitoring Plugins
    • Setting up the database for the DB IDO feature
    • Configuration validation and troubleshooting hints
    • Install Icinga Web 2 step by step using the web setup wizard
    • Using Icinga Web 2
  • Icinga remote clients
    • Classic remote clients by example (NRPE, SSH, SNMP)
    • Icinga 2 Agent as remote node and command execution bridge
    • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration basics and best practices
    • Overview of the Icinga 2 configuration language
    • Main configuration, constants and global definitions
    • Icinga Template Library, object and value types
    • Best practice on configuration structure
    • Constants, Templates and Custom Attributes
    • Check commands and plugin integration by example
    • Add your hosts and apply services based on patternsGroup membership
    • Configuring email, SMS and custom notifications
  • Distributed Monitoring and High Availability
    • Generation of SSL CA and certificates
    • Cluster configuration including zone model for permissions
    • Cluster health checks and configuration synchronisation
    • Master-Checker and High-Availability by practical example
    • Discuss scenarios and possible design problems
  • Configuration and API
    • Icinga 2 REST API
    • Web based configuration with Icinga Director
  • Creating Custom Icinga Plugins
    • Understanding Plugin Return Codes
    • Understanding Plugin Output Requirements